The materials used in the manufacture of all our products are always of the best quality and have passed rigorous quality controls to ensure comfort and resistance. The company seeks to offer its customers the chance to purchase high-quality products at very competitive prices.
Angel Cerda, S.L. has full confidence in the quality of their products and undertakes to replace or accept the return of any of its articles due to manufacturing defects or hidden defects.
The Company also seeks to offer its customers the best service and attention. Angel Cerdá, S.L. commits to responding to any query or request in a maximum period of 48 hours and to satisfy, to the extent that it can, all the needs of its customers as soon as possible and as effectively as possible. The opinion of the customers shall always be considered as an essential foundation to continue to improve the company. Your suggestions will always be well-received.
If you do not feel comfortable revealing your personal details through the Internet, you can call us directly on 96 225 77 62 to place your order over the telephone and with complete confidence and security.


With a credit card, the system will ask you for your card details in a private and encrypted form once you decide to confirm your shopping cart. The customer’s order will not be validated until the payment is made into the account with the authorisation of the competent payment centres.
If the payment is not authorised, the customer’s order cannot be accepted.
Payment online by credit card is made through the security system that the relevant bank offers its customers.
By means of a bank transfer to Angel Cerdá, S.L. It must make the transfer within a maximum period of 3 working days from when the order was made (in the event of not having received the transfer after this period has elapsed, the order shall be cancelled). In the item remember to mention the order number/reference, as well as the name and surnames, etc., as they appear on the order made.
Get in touch with us so we can give you our bank details.


The general conditions of sale are the only applicable conditions and replace any other condition, unless the contrary has been agreed expressly, in writing and in advance. Angel Cerdá, S.L., may at any time be obliged to amend certain provisions of these general conditions. These amendments will affect the customer from their notification through the various means and its disposal. Each purchase on the Website is subject to all the clauses of the general conditions applicable on the date of the order. The customer will not be able to verify his/her order until he/she knows the general conditions of this document and accepts them by marking the corresponding icon. Angel Cerdá, S.L. considers that, when verifying his/her order, the customer properly knows the general conditions of sale and accepts them without reservation.
When making the order, the customer declares he/she has the legal standing that allows him to sign a contract according to Spanish civil legislation.

The purpose of these conditions is to set out the conditions of sale and the rights derived therefrom, above all for the organisation of the of the legal relationships between Angel Cerdá, S.L. and the customer.

The details communicated by the customer and registered by Angel Cerdá, S.L. during the registration and the order constitute proof of the transactions between Angel Cerdá, S.L. and the customer. After the validation of the order on the by the customer, Angel Cerdá, S.L. will send a confirmation message to the customer to notify him/her that the order has been registered correctly.
Angel Cerdá, S.L. reserves the right to not make a delivery or accept an order in the event that the customer has not paid the previous order in whole or in part or if there is payment litigation.

According to the organic data protection act, you have the right to access and correct the data concerning you and you may exercise this right by writing an email to info@angelcerda.com.

Angel Cerdá, S.L., shall respect the users’ privacy, as well as ensuring that the personal data are secret and secure, adopting to that end the necessary technical and organisational measures.

The customer, through the email address registered to create his/her account, may receive offers, news and information about Angel Cerdá, S.L. news. If he/she does not wish to continue to receive them, he/she may request that at any time from Angel Cerdá, S.L.

Angel Cerdá, S.L. informs its customers that this treatment is data automation, especially the management of users’ postal addresses.

These General conditions of sale will be executed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law.
Before resorting to litigation, the parties will attempt to reach an amicable settlement. Absent any amicable settlement, any litigation, be it to challenge or otherwise, in relation to the formation or the execution of the order, even in the case of a writ of amparo or of several defendants, the courts to which our head offices are subject shall have exclusive competence.


Angel Cerdá SL issues this document with its conditions as a quality warranty of the product and services it covers for a period of 24 months from the date of delivery. Such conditions are established without prejudice to the consumer’s rights in accordance with Royal Decree Law 1/2007 of 16th November.

This warranty does not cover defects caused by negligence, strikes or incorrect use or handling, by not having correctly applied the preservation and maintenance conditions or by materials subjected to wear and tear from normal use.


The following cases are expressly excluded from the warranty: damage caused by pets, damage caused by sharp materials, colouration of fabrics caused by rubbing against external textiles (clothing), damage caused by extreme heat or high temperature objects, damage caused by cleaning processes or inappropriate products, if it is intended for a use different from the one for which it was made.

In the face of any incidents that justify the use of his warranty, the options are repair or replacement of the item, or discount or resolution under the legally established terms.

Missing bundles, broken cartoons, damaged furniture or any fault that may occur on the goods during transportation must be recorded on the delivery note and/or CMR of the carrier within a period not exceeding 72 hours from delivery, and must be notified by FAX or email (atencionclientes@angelcerda.com), including photographic support, as well as a detailed description of the damage.


2.- In case of after-sales service, please proceed as follows:



– Any claim due to a breakage, damage or quality problem must always be explained and accompanied by photos demonstrating the impact WITHIN 48 HOURS MAXIMUM FROM THE DELIVERY DATE.


Special products cannot be returned except in the event of damage during transport or quality problem.

The carrier is instructed to telephone the customer in advance in order to agree with the end customer the time and place of delivery.

Transport will always be on foot from the building (outside), except for services previously reserved and granted (on estimate). If the delivery address turns out to be a floor, the customer will be responsible by his own means of transporting his items to his home.

Quality claims will not be accepted after ten (14) days from the date of reception, except for defects or hidden quality problems included in the quality guarantee, which must be correctly documented. Initial delivery costs are never reimbursed, except in cases of hidden defects or quality problems according to the quality warranty.

Orders which include models, dimensions, materials or special finish (items not included on the day-by-day stock) are implicitly accepted by the customer upon confirmation of the order. These orders will be manufactured specifically and therefore CANNOT be cancelled or returned, once received our order confirmation.


The prices set out on Angel Cerdá, S.L.’s website is exclusive of VAT; nor does it include delivery costs. Both VAT payments (applied at 21%), as well as delivery costs shall be calculated at the completion of the order, since the shipping charges differ depending on the customer’s delivery address and the volume of the articles ordered. The delivery costs are set out on the shopping cart and are confirmed when the order is verified. The delivery costs are invoiced at the end of the order and are added to the price of the articles ordered.
Angel Cerdá, S.L. reserves the right to amend its prices at any time, but the products shall be invoiced based on the prices current when the order is registered subject to availability on that date.

Angel Cerdá, S.L. retains ownership of the goods sold under actual payment is made of the principal amount and the supplements. Non-payment of one of the parts may entail the goods being claimed.

These provisions do not constitute any obstacle for the transfer to the customer, from the delivery, of the risks of loss and deterioration of the good purchased, as well as of the damage to which they may give rise.

The customer agrees and accepts at this time that Angel Cerdá, S.L. will accept his/her order according to its available stocks and the stocks of its manufacturers and suppliers.
Angel Cerdá, S.L. will do everything possible to meet all orders.

In the event that a product is not available after confirming the order and after the closure of the corresponding sale, Angel Cerda, S.L. shall inform the customer by email or by phone of the partial delivery of his/her order or the cancellation thereof.

In that case, to satisfy its customers and to maintain serene and satisfactory commercial relationships, Angel Cerdá, S.L. will propose to the customer a refund of the amounts already paid in the form of a voucher, or through a bank transfer or cheque.

If the payment is made using a credit card, the customer’s order will not be validated until the payment is collected in the account authorised by the competent payment centres.
If the payment is not authorised, the customer’s order cannot be accepted.
Payment online by credit card is made through the security system that the corresponding bank offers its customers.


After the confirmation of the order Angel Cerdá S.L. shall be responsible for managing or manufacturing and organising the shipment, as early as possible, through independent transport agencies specialising in furniture. The delivery time will vary between 15 and 25 working days from the confirmation of the order, depending on where the delivery is to be made and the volume of merchandise. Said delivery time may vary due to exceptional circumstances that are beyond the control of Angel Cerdá, S.L., in which case the customer will be promptly informed, and they will always seek to expedite delivery as much as possible. The shipment costs shall be detailed and calculated according to the volume of the merchandise when the order is confirmed, the customer being informed when taking his/her decision, unless the customer demands some special delivery condition that occasions additional costs.

The driver will receive instructions to telephone the customer the day before the delivery to agree the delivery time and place

The goods will always be delivered to the building door, unless another service is expressly purchased and agreed, such that if the delivery address were a flat, the customer will be responsible for planning the help needed using his/her own means to lift the merchandise up the stairs, unless another service is expressly purchased. The customer is responsible for verifying that the measurements of the ordered product are consistent with the accesses at his/her home or delivery address, paying particular attention to doors, stairs, ceilings, corridors, landings, etc. All product measurements, as well as Angel Cerda, S.L.’s packaging are real measurements, which do not take into account the additional transport packaging.

Additional costs due to hiring lifts, storage or the return of the merchandise shall be borne exclusively by the customer.

All the additional costs related to the hiring of elevators, storage or the absence of the customer (failing to fulfil the commitment made when arranging the appointment) and the risks of harm derived from these problems shall be borne by the customer.

The customer has 14 calendar days to return a product to Angel Cerdá, S.L. if he/she is not satisfied. Therefore, during these 14 days and as long and he/she bears the cost of collecting the product (equal to the costs invoiced for the shipment), the customer may return this product.

In the event of return of the merchandise indicated in the first paragraph of this article, the customer will bear the transport risks.

Due to the nature of the products, the customer must follow the return procedure, waiting for the receipt of the merchandise in the warehouse, review and subsequent refund.

Only new and complete products shall be accepted (accessories, cushions, instructions where appropriate).

The amount of no product shall be refunded if it has been damaged by the customer or whose original packaging is deteriorated in a way that goes beyond simply being opened or shall only be refunded in part and always upon receipt of the merchandise at our warehouse.

This legal right to withdraw is exercised without any cost, except for the shipment costs.

The customer receives a 2-year warranty from the date of the invoice, against any damage or hidden defects that the articles sold may reveal, as long as they are notified to Angel Cerdá, S.L. as soon as they appear. Moreover, the consumer must inform the seller of the non-compliance within a period of two months as from the date of the invoice since he/she was aware of it.

The repair or replacement of the product due to a statutory warranty shall be free for the consumer and user. Said gratuity shall comprise the costs required to remedy the non-compliance of the products with the contract, especially the shipping costs, as well as the costs related to the workmanship and materials.

The statutory warranty does not apply to damage arising from a cause external to the product (e.g., blow, incompatibility with the electric mains) or caused by the customer.

In the case of withdrawal for NO RESOLUTION of a quality claim, if the customer receives a merchandise and makes a quality complaint, but accepts the solution proposed by the company, and in the event that finally and after sending the pieces / new parts the customer claims a return of the integrated merchandise, carriage charges (if charged on the first invoice) or collection (in case the first shipment was free of postage) will be deducted from the refund.

In the event of return, the customer will receive the money by cheque or through a bank transfer. The ways in which money shall be refunded are set out by Angel Cerdá, S.L.

The customer is responsible for verifying that data that he/she provides to Angel Cerdá, S.L. when making the order are correct and complete, above all the delivery address.
The customer is responsible for the details he/she provides during the registration and when making the order.

Angel Cerda, S.L. is not liable for any typographical error that may cause an error in the delivery. Angel Cerdá, S.L., is not liable for errors that may be committed by the customer and/or of the breach by the customer of the delivery forms or of the appointment that he/she himself/herself may have agreed with the driver. In that case, costs required for re-delivery and storage of the products shall be borne by the customer.
Without limiting the foregoing paragraphs, Angel Cerdá’s liability with respect to these General Conditions may not exceed a sum equal to the sums paid or payable during the transaction at the beginning of said liability, regardless of the grounds for the action in question.
Unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure exempting from liability are considered to be all those events or circumstances that are inevitable, unpredictable or beyond the control of the parties, above all in the event of a total or partial strike by drivers, and natural disasters such as floods or fires.

The customer chooses and purchases the products at his/her sole liability and risk. Therefore, if it is impossible in whole or in part to use the products for reasons of incompatibility of the material, it cannot give rise to any compensation, return or claim for liability against Angel Cerdá, S.L., except in the case of a proven hidden defect, lack of conformity, flaw or the exercise of the right to withdraw set out in the consumption code.

The fact that any clause in the general conditions of sale is declared null and void, not opposable, expired, illegal or inapplicable due to a law, a regulation or after a non-appealable ruling by a competent jurisdiction, cannot place in doubt the validity, the legality and the applicability of the other clauses of these general conditions of sale, and shall not exempt the customer from compliance with his/her contractual obligations.

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